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Discover the Keys to Obtaining Publicity, Promoting Your Book, Starting a Podcast, and Expanding Your Business

Are you having trouble expanding your brand and feeling stuck? We know how frustrating it can be not to achieve the level of success you desire, whether it’s for your book brand, podcast, or company.

We believe you should feel confident to pursue the success you desire, which is why our team has been assisting authors, podcasters, and entrepreneurs for over 15 years, helping them reduce the chaos in their journey to becoming a well-known brand that makes a difference. Discover an easier way to move your business forward and achieve success.

Chrissy Bernal, our founder, has experienced the difficulties of managing sudden media attention. When her Guinness Book Record-holding identical twins became a global sensation, she acted quickly to develop and expand their brands. However, she encountered obstacles and lost time due to poor guidance. Rather than giving up, she dedicated herself to acquiring the knowledge and tactics required to promote their endeavors effectively and establish credibility.

Chrissy has both formal education and real-world experience in Literature, Publishing, PR, Marketing, and Branding. Because of this, she has developed a proven roadmap that can help authors, podcasters, and entrepreneurs effectively communicate their stories, increase their influence, and minimize chaos on their path to becoming known. This roadmap brings together branding, messaging, and publicity.

We are dedicated to assisting you in overcoming any obstacles and improving your brand’s influence and audience. The process is easy: set up a brief call with Chrissy to discuss your objectives and vision. We will collaborate to see how our partnership can enhance your brand. You will receive a personalized plan that suits your needs and see your audience grow and your impact soar.

Taking the first step toward achieving your desired success begins with scheduling a call with Chrissy. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, which is why we use proven frameworks and strategic PR techniques to help brands, like yours, reduce the chaos that comes with becoming known.



For over 15 years, we’ve been helping brands enjoy successful launches and exciting growth.

Average AVE Per Month

Our clients see media hits with Ad Equivalent Values well over $500k on a regular basis.

Mid & Top-Tier Placements

We secure media placements that best fit your goals and vision and regularly secure mid-tier and top-tier placements.

Client Retention

We focus on building lasting relationships with our clients and most of them stay well beyond the initial agreement.

Together We Help You Build a Better Brand

Ready To Grow Your Brand With Intention & Less Stress?

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